The Best Ski Edge Sharpener For Beginners

Sharpening the edges of your skis, referred to ski edge tuning, can be a very rewarding task and in the long run is likely to save money and help maximise your enjoyment on the hill.

There are plenty of good ski sharpeners/ tuners available to buy which vary from very simple and cost effective hand tools, to technical workshop hand tools, to full on electric machines for the real enthusiast. 

Edge sharpeners are generally sold as a simple tool with or without the necessary accessories needed to sharpen your edges. There are also comprehensive kits available which contain everything you need for ski servicing and tuning ie hot waxing and Ptex repairs.

Portable ski sharpening tools are great to have with you on the hill incase you hit a rock or quickly require a bit more grip on the snow. But for a quality result and for regular tuning, it is worth investing in the stability of a larger more stable piece of equipment.

In this guide I outline the best ski edge sharpening tools for tuning skis.

A guide to the best ski sharpeners for tuning ski edges

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How to Choose a Ski Sharpening Tool

To be honest the best tuning tool doesn’t have to be the fancy expensive one, as a simple sharpening tool and a little skill can give great results. Care should be used not to over file the edges as they can wear out with time. It is very much a case of little and often, so don’t wait until you have no grip on your edges at all.

Most ski edge sharpeners work on the ski edge bevel ie the side of the ski edge. There are tools which can be used to work on the base bevel as well, which have a different angle. There is even a dual purpose edge sharpener available which allows the user to carry out comprehensive sharpening of both ski edges.

When using the side edge sharpeners it is possible to simply file the base edge with a flat file or gummy stone, being extra careful not to cause any damage to the ski edge. 

Having an edge tuning kit in your bag and knowing how to use it may save you a long walk to the ski shop if you are unfortunate enough to hit some rocks while out on the hill.

Learn how to sharpen ski edges in this guide.

What you Might Expect in a Ski Sharpening Kit

Ski sharpening tools are often sold individually or as part of a kit. In a kit, you can expect to find:

  • Edge tool  This is the main component of your kit in which stones or files are inserted at the correct angles to sharpen your ski edges. Generally these tools are supplied with a minimum of one edge sharpening file. (be sure to check this is the case)
  • Gummi stone – This is used to remove burrs in preparation for tuning.
  • Diamond Stones – These are inserted into your edge tool to tune the ski edge. They come in different levels of abrasiveness.(These need to be the correct size to fit your sharpening tool)
  • File Can be used to removed damage and burrs. 
  • Wire brush – Usually copper wire which is used to clean your skis before tuning.
  • Brake retainers – These simple rubber bands keep the brakes out of the way while you work on your skis.
RaceWax Dual Edge Kit 80Dx4 Ski Base-Side Tool +Diamonds +Gummi & More
  • Professionally sharpen ski and snowboard edges with the Swix base-side angle edge tool. Dial a…
  • NOTE: 80 mm is the maximum length file or stone that will fit into this tool. 70- or 80-mm stones…
  • All 3 Grits Swix Diamond Stones TA200SE, Medium TA400SE, Fine TA600SE; 200, 400, and 600 grit stone…
  • One Gumi or Gummi Stone for prepping an edge, deburring as the final step in edge sharpening, or…

The Best Ski Edge Sharpening Tools

The Best Dual Edge Sharpener – Swix Base-side Dual Edger

The Swix Base-side dual edger is the best dual edge multitool to go for. It’s easy to use and great for keeping your ski edges in prime condition throughout the season. I’d suggest buying some diamond stones to use with it for a finer finish, alternatively the edger can be bought in a starter kit which contains these stones along additional tools for ski tuning (see above).

Swix Multi Edger One Size
  • Side and base edge bevel multi tool that includes a 80-mm file. This one tool is all you need to sharpen and bevel your edges.
  • NOTE: 80 mm is the maximum length file or stone that will fit into this tool. 70- or 80-mm stones are recommended. Dial a precise side angle from 0 degree to 5 degrees and 0.5 to 1.0 degree on the…
  • Bonus Benefit: If you don’t know what base and side angles your ski/board are set to, before you start, mark the metal edge with a sharpie, start the tool at the lowest angle and see if it removes the…
  • Instructions included.
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

The Best Side Edge Sharpener – Swix Phantom Pro edger Pro or Toko Edge Tuner Pro

The Swix Phantom Pro edger Pro is a very effective compact edge sharpening tool with rollers allowing for super smooth operation. It’s ideal for home use and portable enough to take on ski trips if necessary.  For the best results, a selection of files and diamond stones is required. 

Swix TA3008 Phantom Edger Pro Side Edge Tool with Rollers with Adjustable Bevel, Red, 7 x 4 x 2-Inch
  • Holds many files or stones up to 5mm thick for ski or snowboard edge work comes with 80mm file
  • Professional side edge sharpening and bevel tool – adjustable with rollers
  • Sid edge bevel adjustment from 85* to 90* or 0* to 5* with the turn of a dial
  • High end material for durability with built in rollers
  • Easy to use – instructions included
Swix Diamond Files Set of 3 100 mm Coarse Medium Fine
  • Swix TA200E Diamond File Grit 200 Coarse
  • Swix TA400E Diamond File Grit 400 Medium
  • Swix TA600E Diamond Stone Grit 600 Fine
  • Toko diamond set of 3.

The Toko Edge tuner pro is another high quality and easy to use tool into which you can fit a wide range of files. It is fully adjustable and can be used with most skis and snowboards. Be sure to invest in a suitable set of diamond files to compliment the included metal file. Please note that the Moonflex stones listed below are very much the top end choice of stones for this tool. The Swix stones listed above are a more budget-friendly alternative. 

Edge Tuner Pro by Toko, yellow
  • Package length: 23.0 cm
  • Package width: 9.4 cm
  • Package height: 6.2 cm
  • Product Type: SNOWSHOE
Racewax Diaface Moonflex Diamond Stones 70 mm Full Set Of Five
  • Item Category: Knife Sharpener
  • Item Trademark: RaceWax
  • manufacturer: Diaface

The Best Pocket Sharpening Tools

Pocket size sharpening tools will generally be less stable when in use and require a little care and skill to use, but are ideal to carry with you on the hill for running repairs.

  1. Swix Diamond edge sharpener. This compact sharpening tool is all you need for quick on-the-go repairs. It even comes with a diamond stone for some fine tuning on the hill. At an amazing price too.
  2. XC man ski snowboard edge tuner kit. This useful edge tool will slip into you ski bag and allow you to carry out on the go repairs, whilst not cluttering up your world or costing the earth. This comes with a selection of diamond stones so offers extra versatility. 
Swix Diamond Tuner Edge sharpener
  • Professional diamond disk tuner for skis and snowboards! ON THE HILL!
  • Diamond Disk Tuner. Easy. Precise. Handy.
  • 88 and 89 degrees. For quick Ski and Board edge tune-up. Fixes your edges quickly!
  • Use and go! Your winter equipment won’t be able to resist it!
XCMAN Alpine Ski Freeride Snowboard Edge Bevel Tuning Kit Edge Care Kit -Side Ski Angle Tuning Tool…
  • Complete Ski Snowboard Edge Care Tuner Kit – Everything you need to professionally sharpen ski and snowboard edges. Side edge bevel multi tool (does all angles) and includes a metal file with three…
  • This ski tuner kit are all you need to sharpen and bevel your edges for side edges tuning. Dial a precise angle from 87 degree to 90 degrees in 1 degree increments. Does every angle imaginable!
  • One Gummy Stone for prepping an edge, deburring as the final step in edge sharpening, or detuning,shining your edge.
  • Three diamond stones included: Use the 240 grit black for cutting, the 500 grit Pink to maintain the sharpness and the 1000 Grit Green to fine sharpen and polish.
  • Don’t know your angles? You can use this tool to find them – it’s easy!

The Ultimate Ski Edge Tuning Machine – Swix New Evo pro edge tuner

This powerful electric grinder allows for very fast and accurate grinding of ski edges. This is ideal for those who plan to sharpen lots of skis! Be sure to read and understand the instructions before using and practice on a pair of old skis first!

This is a great piece of kit once you master the art of using it. This machine generally comes with a fine disc which is ideal for regular tuning of skis. Replacement discs of various coarseness are available but they are expensive. Be careful not to over do it with this machine. Its really best for advanced operators. Personally I prefer a little and often approach with a decent hand tuner.

Swix TA3012 New EVO Pro Edge Tuner, 110V, Red
  • Evo Pro EDGER was developed by world cup ski and snowboard experts to provide high end sharp and smooth edges increasing performance and control
  • EASY to operate with ERGO design and shape FULLY ADJUSTABLE BEVEL settings from Zero to 5 Degrees (or 85* to 90*)
  • Perfect tool for racers or any skier/snowboarder that appreciates a smooth predictable edge and precise feel on snow
  • Incredibly popular tool that makes EDGE TUNING easy and FAST several tutorials are available from Swix on the use maintenence and cleaning.Manufacturer Direct.ALWAYS wear a mask and use eye…
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

Base-edge Sharpening Tools

The simplest option for sharpening base bevel edges may well be the Swix dual edge sharpener option mentioned earlier in this post. However you may already have a side edge sharpening tool or prefer to have a dedicated tool for each edge.

The advantage of having two separate tools is that you can leave them set up at the correct angles for your skis and not have to keep resetting the angles. Damage to the base edge can be repaired simply with a file or gummy stone prior to sharpening the edges, but a dedicated tool will make this job more accurate.

The Best Base Bevel Edge Sharpener – Swix Adjustable base edge file guide

The Swix adjustable base edge tool is ideal for quickly cleaning up and repairing any damage to you ski’s base edge. A suitable file is also required or a compatible diamond stone. 

Swix – SWIX – Ski Maintenance – Race Sharpening Support
  • ALL IN ONE Swix Adjustable Aluminum Base Edge File Holder delivers all the angles you need in one tool
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLE Angle adjustable from 0.5 degrees to 2.0 degrees in 0.05 degree increments
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION Solid heavy duty aluminum construction with plastic guide adjustment
  • COMPATIBLE WITH Compatible with files 4+ inches long and a width no greater than 1 inch (25 mm)
  • ACCEPTS Will accept files of varying thicknesses up to about 5 mm
Swix 16 TPCM 2nd Cut 20cm Chrome Ski Edge File (T106X), Multicolor, OSFA
  • Swix Race Tech File: 2nd Cut: 20 cm: 16 Tpcm
  • New series of Swiss non-chromed files are available in three versions.
  • Use for base and side edge tuning for routine maintenance and excellent performance
  • 4 inch Coarse (10 Tpcm) Steel removal/setup file. Best for setting initial side edge bevel angle.
  • Non-chromed steel file: Swiss Made

The Best Ski Servicing Kits Containing Edge Sharpening Tools

There are several starter kits for ski servicing which contain all you need to service, repair and sharpen your ski edges. Tools may include waxing equipment, base repair(Ptex) kit as well as edge tuning tools.

Racewax Digital kits come in a variety of specs including the one we list below and are a good, easy to use starter option.  Another option is this extensive kit from Demon.

RaceWax Elite Ski Snowboard Tuning Kit: Complete with Iron, Wax, Edge Tools, Base Repair
  • RaceWax-Swix Elite Ski Snowboard Wax Tuning Kit. Perfect kit for those needing to tune many skis/boards! The Swix edge…
  • Temperature adjustable 1000W RaceWax wax iron with a double-thick baseplate dimpled and grooved for excellent wax…
  • Swix Base-Side Dual Edge Tool. Dial a precise side angle from 0 degree to 5 degrees and base angle of 0.5 to 1.0 degree….
  • Two 60 g bars Swix Wax – 1 Red/Warm mid-range temp – 1 Blue/Cold temp; 5 mm thick tough plexi wax scraper with classic…
  • Large Cordura tool bag: Internal strap to secure wax iron; two internal open-access tool pockets and zippered mesh…
Demon Mechanic Elite X Ski Tuning Kit & Snowboard Tuning Kit with Ski Wax Iron, Ski and Snowboard…
  • Demon Mechanic Elite X Ski Tuning Kit & Snowboard Tuning Kit with Ski Wax Iron, Ski and Snowboard Wax & Demon Elite X Ski and Snowboard EdgeTuner w/ Diamond Files
  • WAX INCLUDED* 133gm High Quality Demon Universal Modified Hydro-Carbon. Our waxes are blended, scented and made with our proprietary blends in the USA.
  • BAG SPEC* 1 internal open-access tool, zippered mesh pocket and elastic straps for each tool. Heavy duty carry strap and easy wipe off material make is easy to keep your kit clean! Iron stores . Also…
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Ski Edge Sharpener

When buying tools for sharpening your ski edges it is vital to decide on how and where you will be using such a tool. If you have your skis regularly serviced and simply require something to provide a quick sharpen on the hill, then a portable sharpener is sufficient. 

Alternatively, you may decide to carry out most of your ski servicing at home, in which case a high quality workshop tool such as those made by Swix and Toko would be a sound investment.

There are some good tuning kits available which include the edge sharpening tools and these are perfect if you are just starting out your ski-servicing journey. When starting out, spend time practicing on old skis with standard edge angles until you have mastered the skills. Soon all your friends will be coming round to get their ski edges sharpened!  Be patient and try not to over sharpen your edges. 


Nick has been skiing since he was 5 years old. He now splits his year between working as an adventure tour leader and chasing the snow worldwide.

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