Fun Gifts For Snowboarders That Won’t Break The Bank

You might think snowboarders are tricky to buy for if you’re not familiar with the sport. You might think snowboard gifts involve big expensive items such as snowboards or snowboard boots, however there are many awesome gifts that cost well under $20.

As someone who has enjoyed snowboarding for over 20 years, I’ve had my fair share of great and not so great gifts. From hand warmers to stomp pads and balance boards to books, the best gifts for snowboarders are those that are useful, functional, inspirational or fashionable. 

In this guide I share the best snowboarding gift ideas for every budget and style. I’ve divided the gifts into sections according to budgets of under $20, under $50, under $100 and over $100 so you can jump straight to the section that’s right for you.

Let’s get straight into it!

Unique gifts for snowboarders for every budget

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The Best Gifts for Snowboarders Under $20

Made of high quality aluminium alloy, this cute snowboard keychain is perfect for decorating keys and bags. A fun gift for female snowboarders.

Arguably the best snowboard movie ever made, the Art of Flight is a masterpiece by Travis Rice and Red Bull Media House that leaves viewers eager to grab their snowboards and hit the slopes.

Ice cleats or crampons for trainers or walking boots, are a useful gift for snowboarders who want to walk around the icy streets of the resort without any unfortunate slips.

Socks may seem like a boring gift idea but they’re incredibly useful and will always get used. These Merino wool socks keep the feet toastie warm and odour free.

Another unglamorous but practical snowboard gift idea is a travel clothes line. Snowboard socks can get pretty stinky after a day on the hill, so a quick wash with somewhere to dry them is mighty handy.

Powder Days is a beautifully written book about the culture of ski bums and ski towns, about finding your home in the mountains and keeping your wild side alive.

This 100 piece sticker and decal set is perfect for decorating water bottles, helmets, laptops or anything else in need of some mountain vibes. 

This snowboard mug is a fun little snowboard gift idea for those on a budget. The mug is ceramic and is available in a selection of colours.

This SPF 50 sports sunblock is water resistant so it’s ideal for days on the snow. Thinksport is free from nasty chemicals, biodegradable and vegan friendly.

This vintage tin sign is a fun, novelty gift that makes a great wall hanging. The sign comes with pre-drilled holes which makes it easy to mount.

SPF 50 lip balm is guaranteed to protect lips from drying out on those sunny days on the slopes.

Jeremy Jones is a legend in the snowboard world. A pro-rider who abandoned the commercial snowboard industry in pursuit of chasing in the snow in a way that was more harmonious with nature. After years spent exploring the backcountry, this book is part memoir, part how to guide and a unique snowboard gift idea.

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The Best Snowboard Gifts Under $50

Phoozy uses NASA spacesuit technology to insulate phones and extend the battery life by 3 times. Partnered with the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, this thermal phone case has been featured by Forbes as the best ski and snowboard accessory.

Ensure that brand new snowboard setup is protected all around the resort with this lightweight lock by Dakine. The long cable will happily fit around several snowboards, keeping them safely locked up and acting as a powerful deterrent.

A t-shirt is a great gift idea for snowboarders

If you’re looking for a good value snowboarding gift for him, then check out this loose fit t-shirt by Volcom.

How about a fun, GameBoy style stomp pad for a cool snowboarding gift idea? Stomp pads provide a useful grip for snowboarders when their back foot isn’t strapped into the binding.

If they’re not a GameBoy fan then there are lots more to choose from. See this stomp pad guide for more ideas.

If your snowboard pal is a hat kinda guy, then this Burton Underhill Hat is a solid choice. This hat is made from cotton and has a mountain themed embroidered patch.

This Midweight Merino wool neck warmer by Buff is soft and warm with a seamless finish which allows for multi-functional use. This item is made from sustainable materials in an animal-friendly way, perfect for keeping a cold wind out.

If your snowboard friend is anything like me, they don’t want to suffer from cold hands! These reusable heat packs provide a burst of heat and are kinder to the environment than disposable ones.

100 Slopes of a Lifetime is the ultimate book for snowboard bucket list inspiration. The book covers epic runs from all over the world with beautiful Nat Geo photography along with practical travel tips and information.

The Burton bullet tool is the ultimate multi-tool to carry around the mountain. It packs away so that no pointy edges can stick into you whilst you’re snowboarding and is handy for adjusting bindings on the go. This tool has spent many winters tucked away in my pockets ready for when I need it.

The All Night Long beanie is a double layer knit that keeps you super warm and is made of 100% recycled fabric, so is also kind to the environment. Double win!

Foam rollers are a useful self-massaging tool that can help aid recovery from a hard day on the slopes. The unique indentations on the foam roller mimic the movements of a masseuses hands and is used to remove unwanted tension. I use this foam roller regularly to get rid my legs of unwanted muscle knots.

The Woolf balaclava is 100% merino wool which is quick drying, breathable and warm for those super cold snow days. When you’re out on the hill you want every inch of your body to feel warm and protected, especially on those extra cold days. This is a great snowboarding gift for her.

The Best Snowboarding Gifts Under $100

The DryGuy is the best gadget for drying out wet gloves and boots. The standard machine can dry 4 items simultaneously or for an extra $40, you can get you the travel boot dryer to make sure those snowboard boots are perfectly dry for the next day.

Thermal tops are great snowboard gift ideas

Base layers are always a handy gift for snowboarders and you can’t go far wrong with this lightweight Burton crewneck for men. The thermal top with keep the warmth in whilst keeping the sweat away.

Base layers are perfect snowboarding gifts

For the ladies, this Helium Power Grid top by AK will keep you warm, dry and comfortable the whole day through. The material is fast wicking to ensure any sweat is quickly moved away from the skin and maintain bodily warmth.

Sneaking in just under the $100 mark is this complete snowboard tuning kit from Demon. The kit include wax, P-tex, edge sharpener, file, iron and everything else to needed to keep that snowboard running slick. More information on waxing a snowboard can be found here, whilst this is a guide to edge tuning.

Luxury Gift Ideas for Snowboarders

The Revbalance balance board is an awesome way to get fit and snowboard ready without the snow. These boards are sturdy and come with a digital guide to help beginners get started on their journey to snowboard fitness.

GoPros are the best action cameras on the market. The GoPro 11 is the latest and greatest camera but the Fusion 360 provides unique spherical 5.2k HD videos, which is perfect for capturing those incredible snowboard moments.

The Dakine High Roller snowboard bag is the ultimate snowboard carrier. The bag can comfortably carry two snowboards and the quality wheels mean the bag glides effortlessly around airports and car parks.

An amazing luxury snowboard accessory gift idea is a pair of Oakley goggles. Oakley have the highest quality lenses on the market to ensure top clarity on the slopes. The Fall Line rimless frame fits snugly with helmets and looks amazing.

Final Thoughts On Gifts For The Snowboarder In Your Life

From action cameras to tuning kits, from balance boards to neck warmers, there are wide range of gifts for snowboarders that are available for every budget. In this guide I have shared some of the most useful, practical, fashionable and fun gifts that you can get for the snowboarder in your life.


Louise is a snowboard instructor from Wales. She's spent the last 10 years enjoying winter seasons in Canada, USA, Italy and Japan. This winter she is chasing the snow in Turkey!

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